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Nauru is an island republic, a raised fossilised coral atoll, 4,000 kilometres northeast of Sydney, with a total land area of 21 square kilometres.

Nauru's economy faces significant constraints including its small size, remoteness, harsh natural environment, limited exploitable resources and the need to create jobs and promote growth for an expanding population.

Australian merchandise exports to Nauru in 2017 totalled AUD49.3 million — principally meat, motor fuel and civil engineering equipment and parts.

Although Nauru does not have a substantial fishing industry of its own, fees from fishing licenses to distant water fishing nations are an important source of revenue. Royalties from the declining phosphate industry offer a modest revenue stream, while revenue associated with the regional processing centre and its ancillary service providers represents a significant revenue stream, as does customs duties and levies from the increased expatriate population.

Within its development imperative, Australia is working with the Asian Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Nauru to build a climate resilient deep water port to encourage increased trade and economic activity. In 2018, an Australian-funded tertiary education facility, the 'learning village', opened which includes a campus for the University of the South Pacific, technical and vocational training facilities, and a national library.


Australian High Commission, Aiwo District

MQ45 & MQ43 NPC OE
Aiwo District

Tel +674 557 3380

Population: 13,000

Seat of parliament: Yaren