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Safeguards and transparency

Safeguards and transparency


All AIFFP investments must be screened for environmental and social impacts.

To minimise risk and ensure AIFFP investments are delivered effectively and efficiently, DFAT considers a number of safeguards when planning, designing, delivering and evaluating all AIFFP investments. Failing to adequately address safeguards may result in harm to people or the environment.

Consistent with DFAT’s Environmental and Social Safeguard Policy all AIFFP investments are screened for risks against the following five issues:

  • Environmental protection
  • Children, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • Displacement and resettlement
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Health and safety

Zero tolerance for fraud and corruption

DFAT’s fraud and anti-corruption policy applies to all AIFFP investments. DFAT has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption. This means all potential instances of fraud must be reported without delay.

DFAT will assess and investigate all allegations to determine the nature and extent of the fraud. If DFAT can establish that fraud has occurred, it will seek to recover lost funds or assets and will pursue penalties and prosecution.

Child protection

Direct and indirect risks to children are considered in the design and implementation of AIFFP investments.

DFAT’s Child Protection Policy reflects the department’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and relevant Australian laws to protect children from abuse and exploitation.

The policy applies to all DFAT officers, functions and programs. This includes individuals and organisations financed by the AIFFP.


The AIFFP is committed to applying and implementing the Australian Government’s transparency commitments. In line with the Australian Government’s development policy, Partnerships for Recovery, the AIFFP will draw on DFAT’s performance system to capture lessons and communicate the results and impact of our investments.


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