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Our principles

The values that guide our work.

Our principles

We share a vision of stability, security and prosperity with our family and neighbours across the Pacific.

It is borne from decades of genuine, on-the-ground partnership and understanding of community needs.

The AIFFP plans, assesses and finances projects that align with these principles:


Is this project flexible to the needs of our Pacific partners and adaptable to changing contexts?


Does this project contribute to economic, social and other lasting, positive change for Pacific communities and businesses?

Responsible lending

Will lending for this project be responsible, consistent with international obligations on debt sustainability and tailored to the country’s specific debt circumstances?

Are ongoing maintenance and operations adequately considered?

Has long-term assistance for capacity building and policy reform been considered?


Does this project embed a strong and consistent approach to safeguards protecting the environment, children, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, displacement and resettlement, indigenous peoples and workplace health and safety?

Local content

Is the project maximising the use and upskilling of local labour and the private sector?

Climate resilience

Does the project consider and respond to climate change risks and impacts, and maximise opportunities for low-emission, climate and disaster-resilient development?

Are up-to-date climate projections used in this planning?

Equality and inclusion

Does this project explicitly include gender equality and disability inclusion considerations in its design, implementation, governance and monitoring?

Are distinct infrastructure needs being met to narrow gender, disability, and social inclusion gaps?


Does this project demonstrate high technical quality capital works?

Risk management

Does this project adequately manage risk?


Will this project be transparent at all levels?

Are there adequate monitoring, evaluation and learning practices applied?