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Climate change

Climate change

Pacific Climate Infrastructure Financing Partnership

The Australian Government is investing in renewable energy and climate infrastructure projects in the Pacific such as the 23,000 megawatt Building Palau's first utility-scale solar power plant project, the Connecting Solomon Islands' capital to electricity via transmission line project, and technical assistance to provide options for Fiji as part of the Reducing the impact of floods in Nadi, Fiji project.

Recognising that climate change is the single greatest threat to the livelihoods and well-being of our Pacific family, we will continue to prioritise projects through AIFFP that assist countries to respond and adapt to climate change risks and impacts.

The Pacific Climate Infrastructure Financing Partnership will:

1. Deliver medium and large-scale climate infrastructure projects

AIFFP is increasing support for medium and large-scale, climate-related infrastructure projects that mitigate, adapt and build resilience to the impacts of climate change.

2. ‘Green’ existing or future AIFFP investments

AIFFP is consulting with project partners to inform high-impact, targeted new climate-smart additions to existing projects that will reduce emissions and/or improve the climate resilience of AIFFP’s existing and future infrastructure projects, drawing on up to AUD50 million of grant funding that has been set aside.

3. Support small-scale, and off-grid renewable energy in remote and rural areas

AIFFP has launched a new competitive small grants scheme that will support small-scale and off-grid renewable energy projects across the Pacific, in close partnership with Pacific Governments. This new capability will leverage resources and in-kind contributions to support communities, particularly in remote parts of the Pacific islands.

AIFFP’s Climate Change Focus

The Pacific Climate Infrastructure Financing Partnership expands on an already strong climate focus within existing AIFFP investments. From setting airport runway heights to account for sea level rise to flooding design considerations for climate resilience – the Australian Government, through the AIFFP, is committed to quality, climate-resilient infrastructure.

To ensure consistency with existing regional standards, the Partnership will be aligned with the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific and with the work of the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. The AIFFP will consult broadly including through the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility.


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