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Climate change

Climate change

Climate Change Action Strategy


The impacts of climate change are magnifying a range of challenges for developing countries. For Pacific island countries, climate change impacts present an existential threat.

Informed by climate change science, Australia supports activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and invest in ways to build resilience and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.

The DFAT Climate Change Action Strategy (2020-2025) underpins this commitment.

In accordance with the Strategy, the AIFFP ensures that all investments consider and respond to climate change risks and impacts, and opportunities for low-emission, climate-resilient development are maximised.

Climate Infrastructure Window

The AIFFP has a dedicated Climate Infrastructure Window to advance the region’s energy transition and climate ambitions.

The Climate Infrastructure Window supports renewable and lower-emissions energy generation and transmission.

The AIFFP is making a key contribution to meeting the challenges of climate change in the region. The Markham Valley Solar Project and the Tina River Transmission System are examples of this.


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