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An AIFFP grant is supporting the Nauru Department of Transport to upgrade Nauru International Airport and sections of the Nauru ring road.

Improving Nauru’s international airport and main road Nauru International Airport is the country’s sole airport.

Improving Nauru’s international airport and main road


Signed and Announced

AUD30 million

Delivery partners

Nauru Department of Transport

We’re proud to work with the Nauru Department of Transport to resurface the international airport runway and upgrade critical air traffic control equipment, ensuring the airport continues to meet international standards.

As a small and remote island-state, Nauru is heavily dependent on the airport to connect with family living overseas and access food, goods and services. Upon completion, the airport will facilitate increased air transport operations, with the service life of the runway extended by 25 to 30 years.

Runway life extended

by 25 to 30 years


of employees are women

The project’s design includes measures to mitigate environmental and climate change effects, such as pavements with lower ongoing maintenance requirements and re-use of construction waste at the airport.

We are working with the Government of Nauru and Nauru Disabled People’s Association to seek opportunities to employ people living with a disability and ensure project office buildings are equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets. The project has set a 30 per cent target of women employed.

The project ensures women-owned market stalls built on the road next to the airport terminal have access to the site, providing these business owners with access to airport users.

Our financing package consists of an AUD30 million grant to the Nauru Department of Transport, with a further $10 contributed by the Australian Government via a bilateral grant.

Targeted recruitment

via disability organisations

Climate-resilient measures

integrated into design and construction

AIFFP contribution

AUD30 million

 Amount (AUD million)Variable interest rateTenor
AIFFP grant$30.0n/an/a
Bilateral grant*$10.0n/an/a

*Exact AUD amount depends on exchange rate at disbursement.


The project will ensure Nauruans can remain connected to supplies, services and family overseas for years to come, with the climate-resilient upgrades increasing the airport’s service life, capacity and safety.

The project will employ Nauruan workers and use local materials, helping to stimulate Nauru’s economy and contributing to its economic recovery from COVID-19.