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Pacific seminar unites development partners for sustainable infrastructure growth

Pacific seminar unites development partners for sustainable infrastructure growth

A landmark event recently provided a unique opportunity for development partners, including the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP), to collaborate in their collective commitment to delivering on the Pacific Quality Infrastructure Principles, endorsed by Pacific Islands Forum Leaders in 2023.

The inaugural Pacific Infrastructure Business Opportunities Seminar, held in Nadi, Fiji from 22-23 May 2024, brought together over 300 delegates from Pacific governments, the private sector, development partners, and civil society organisations.

Hosted by the Government of Fiji and the Asian Development Bank, in partnership with the Australian Government and the World Bank, this landmark event aimed to enhance collaboration and explore the infrastructure development priorities for the Pacific region.

Keynote presentations by Pacific governments and development partners showcased consolidated project pipelines, emphasizing the region's commitment to sustainable infrastructure growth. The seminar highlighted some USD2 billion in opportunities in key sectors such as transport, energy, water, ICT, and social infrastructure (health and education), providing a comprehensive overview of the 2024-2025 infrastructure initiatives.

In support of the Pacific Quality Infrastructure Principles, the seminar featured panel discussions on how different country procurement systems can maximise positive impacts through integrating environmental, social, climate resilience, and economic considerations.

Representatives from the AIFFP played a key role in the seminar, including leading two masterclasses on local content. These sessions focused on how to enhance the amount of infrastructure spending that is retained in and adds value to the Pacific economy. 

The first masterclass, tailored for Pacific officials from Ministries of Finance, Public Works and Utilities, delved into strategies to ensure opportunities for local participation are integrated into all stages of the project. The session provided a forum to share good practices in designing procurement models that can deliver the Pacific's aspirations for stronger local involvement and industry growth.

The second session engaged industry professionals, offering practical tips on addressing sustainability and value-for-money criteria in bids. The AIFFP provided insights on preparing high-quality Local Content and Industry Participation Plans, a core requirement for large-scale infrastructure projects financed by the AIFFP.

The event highlighted vast opportunities for generating jobs for Pacifica people, as well as opportunities to diversify and grow capabilities of local industry through partnerships with other experienced firms from within and outside the region.  There was a clear call to action from Pacific government participants for all development finance partners and industry to prioritise local participation to amplify economic benefits, reduce costs, and ensure sustainability of Pacific infrastructure. 

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Masterclasses on local content were lead by the AIFFP.

Masterclasses on local content were led by the AIFFP.