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AIFFP - A Partner Of Choice, Finds Independent Review

AIFFP - A Partner Of Choice, Finds Independent Review

Worker for Community Sector Program. Malaita, Solomon Islands.

An Independent Review of the AIFFP’s first two years in operation has found that the AIFFP is responding to needs of the Pacific and Timor-Leste and has become the second-largest infrastructure financier in the Pacific.

The Two-Year System-Wide Review (the Review) assessed the AIFFP’s performance from its establishment in mid-2019 to the end of 2021 and considered how well-positioned the AIFFP is to meet its objectives.

The Review was conducted by Alinea International, a specialist monitoring and evaluation firm, and endorsed by Mr Jim Adams, a former Vice President of the World Bank Group.

As per the 20 findings and 10 recommendations, the Review found that the AIFFP has made ‘considerable and impressive progress’, establishing an ‘appropriate pipeline of investments with good economic and inclusive development potential’ and putting in place a set of policies, procedures and systems which were ‘high quality’ and fit-for-purpose.

The AIFFP has a robust monitoring, evaluation and learning plan with regular reviews that will inform the continuous improvement of the AIFFP.

A Management Response to the Review has been developed and can be viewed with the Review here