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An AIFFP loan is enabling Airports Fiji Pty Ltd to undertake essential maintenance and capital works at Nadi International Airport and several outer island airports.

Upgrading Fiji’s international and outer island airports Nadi International Airport is the main gateway airport of Fiji.

Upgrading Fiji’s international and outer island airports



​​​​​​​AUD68.4 million

Delivery partners

Airports Fiji Pty Ltd
ANZ Fiji

We’re proud to work with Airports Fiji Pty Ltd, the main provider of air services in Fiji, to upgrade several airports across the island nation.

The project includes improvements to air traffic management systems, runways and offgate aprons to improve capacity for plane parking. With completion expected in 2026, the airports will facilitate greater serviceability, passenger capacity and safety as well as improved air connectivity for the entire South Pacific.

AUD68.4 million

contributed by the AIFFP


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With tourists returning to Fiji post-COVID, investing in airport infrastructure is essential to Fiji and the region's continued economic recovery. Half of the project’s financing supports Fijian companies.

Airports Fiji Pty Ltd owns and operates Nadi International Airport and manages Nausori International Airport in Suva and 13 domestic outer island airports. Airports Fiji Pty Ltd also operates traffic and airspace for Fiji, Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Kiribati and Vanuatu. 

Pre-COVID, Airports Fiji Pty Ltd employed 548 personnel across its 15 airports, with the project expected to create jobs for 110 local workers.

Our financing package consists of an AUD61.9 million guarantee to ANZ Fiji for its loan to Airports Fiji Pty Ltd, and a direct AUD6.5 million loan to Airports Fiji Pty Ltd.


works projects complete


of project financing supports Fijian companies


local workers employed

AIFFP contribution

​​​​​​​AUD68.4 million

 Amount (AUD million)Amount (FJD million)Fixed interest rateTenor
Loan$6.5$10.04.25%5 years
Guarantee$61.9$96.0n/a5 years

*Exchange rate: AUD/1.55FJD


The project supports several infrastructure priorities of Airports Fiji Pty Ltd, including upgrading offgate aprons to improve capacity for plane parking, upgrading air traffic management systems and ongoing airport sustainment works. These works will support Fiji's economy by providing employment opportunities and increasing the airport’s serviceability, passenger capacity, safety and improved air connectivity for the entire South Pacific.