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AIFFP financing is enabling Fiji Ports Corporation Limited to undertake a feasibility study which will inform improvements to Lautoka Wharf.

Informing upgrades to Fiji’s Lautoka Wharf Lautoka Wharf provides key linkages across Fiji and the Pacific.

Informing upgrades to Fiji’s Lautoka Wharf

Lautoka, Fiji

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Fiji Ports Corporation Limited

We’re proud to work with Fiji Ports Corporation Limited to support plans to upgrade Lautoka Wharf, with a feasibility study an important first step to determine requirements.

Lautoka Wharf is managed by Fiji Ports Corporation Limited and plays a crucial role in inter-island shipping in Fiji’s Western Division. It currently facilitates more than 30 vessels which transport goods and passengers between Lautoka and Fiji’s smaller islands.

Fiji’s second largest port

Fiji’s largest port for bulk cargo

Fiji has both 5 and 20 Year National Development Plans, with one of its goals to provide safe, efficient, reliable and affordable shipping services. With Lautoka Wharf experiencing an increase in traffic and sediment build-up in the harbour basin, upgrades are essential to meet the future needs of operators and communities.

The wharf’s feasibility study comprises an assessment of current conditions, operations and facilities at the wharf including Kings Jetty, the barge landing area, berths, sheds, warehouses and cargo handling equipment; an assessment of proposed barge landing and shipbuilding facility development options; and obtaining approvals from local authorities. The study will enable better and more effective engineering design during the project’s next stage.

Our financing packages includes a grant of AUD380,000 to Fiji Ports Corporation Limited.

AIFFP contribution



Located just outside of Lautoka City, Lautoka Wharf is Fiji’s largest port for handling bulk cargo, specialising in bulk sugar, molasses, woodchips, petroleum, gas and water. The wharf facilitates inter-island trade and passenger services for the Western Division of Fiji.

Across Fiji in recent years, the number of shipping vessels in use has increased and the frequency of services has improved. Informed by the feasibility study – which will include forecasts to 2030, 2040 and 2050 – the wharf upgrades will optimise the available space at the wharf and reconfigure operations to meet the ongoing and changing needs of communities.

Located close to major shipping lanes to the US, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the upgrades mean Lautoka Wharf may also have the potential to become a hub for services within the broader South Pacific.