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Republic of Marshall Islands

Republic of Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is an independent country in a Compact of Free Association with the USA. A Micronesian country, it is comprised of five islands and 29 atolls.

RMI's economy is dominated by grants and constrained by its small population, vulnerability to external shocks, narrow range of natural resources, and the impacts of extreme weather events. External grants, taxation, fishing royalties and shipping registry fees are the key sources of government revenue.

The Government of RMI is the country's major employer, followed by the commercial and retail sectors. The construction industry is expanding but there is limited domestic production.

Australian merchandise trade with RMI in 2016-17 totalled AUD3.7 million and was dominated by Australian exports, including meat, and water, sanitation and marine hardware.

Fisheries, copra, handicrafts and subsistence agriculture are the most significant sectors of RMI's economy, with annual exports valued at approximately USD53.7 million. Imports – valued at USD133 million – are dominated by food, fuel, machinery and equipment.

Australia's strategic development focus in RMI is on clean water and sanitation. Following recent installation of a salt-water reverse osmosis plant on Ebeye Island to provide a reliable fresh water supply, Australia is now focusing on delivering effective sewerage services and improving hygiene awareness and behaviours.

c/o Australian Embassy, Federated States of Microneisa, Pohnpei

2nd Floor, H&E Enterprises Building

Kolonia, Pohnpei

Tel +691 320 5448

Population: 53,158

Capital: Majuro